Member Kit includes:

  1. Innovation WorkBench – a comprehensive professional tool for inventive problem solving. List price, $4000.
  1. Eight IPS TRIZ lessons and 5 hours of private coaching.
  2. Test project to receive ITRIZ Practitioner Certification.
  1. “Innovate on Demand” by Ron Fulbright | read |
  2. “Introduction to TRIZ, ITRIZ, and the Five Levels of Invention” – first lesson from our 8-lesson self-educational program | read |
  3. IPS Presentation | read |
  4. “TRIZ – THE NEXT BIG THING” by Dr Mizrachi | read |
  5. Introduction to TRIZ by Dr Stan Kaplan (PDF ebook) | read |

Face Innovation price list

To enroll as a member, Face Innovation LLC has the following four categories:

  • Ideation existing customers – $500 USD
  • Student membership – $500 USD*
  • Professional member – $1800 USD
  • Distributors – $500 USD**

*student membership only valid while being student

**Only for category A members. All professional category C members will automatically have the opportunity to become a distributor at no extra charge.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Face Innovation, us at: to obtain educational material that will teach you how to become a successful ITRIZ practitioner. 30 days trial period is available. You can review all materials without risk of cost.


  1. Lifetime membership in Face Innovation Club.
  2. Receive a monthly newsletter with the latest Face Innovation news.
  3. Plan to engage as a member in activities that will generate income for functions you would like to do over and over again.
  4. You manage your time and engagement as you see fit. Develop your own business around Face Innovation.
  5. Develop your own focus groups in different industries or vertical markets.
  6. Decide to become a coach or problem solver. Proposed rate of pay $25 per hour for coaching and $100 per hour for problem solving in our commercial projects.
  7. Control the outcome of your own ideas and inventions. If a member wishes to engage us; Face Innovation LLC will charge 40% of the generated profits and will be responsible for IP costs, and licensing efforts.
  8. Members will receive an additional 25% discount on further education programs from Ideation International.
  9. A member who brings a referral and new membership is entitled for a $300 compensation.
  10. Part-time and full-time functions that you wish to do should be planned one year in advance.
  11. Bonuses and surprises!