What is TRIZ?

Firstlly, TRIZ is set of tools for systematic creative thinking designed to help solve inventive problems and create new innovative ideas.

The tools of TRIZ are useful for:

–           Quickly and systematically creating breakthrough ideas that solve simple or difficult problems that otherwise might take long time to solve.

–           Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of existing technical systems.

–           Identifying and preventing future failures.

–           Identifying root cause of existing problems.

–           Helping to work around and better preparing patents.

–           Teaching how to think in different way or how to be creative.

–           Predicting future development of technical systems.

What is I-TRIZ?

The Ideation team (Includes world’s most experienced group of TRIZ masters – more…) has continued to evolve and develop TRIZ technology called I-TRIZ.

A major addition in I-TRIZ is a set of software tools to help practitioners perform system analysis (problem formulator) and idea generation. I-TRIZ provides problem solvers with access to the most effective solutions over a broad range of industries, based on the accumulated innovative experience of inventors throughout history.